Daily Money Management

“It is not enough to be busy...The question is: what are we busy about?” ~Henry David Thoreau

As careers advance, families are started and parents get older, finding time to focus on your daily finances can become difficult and daunting. A daily money manager can help ensure bills are correct and paid so you can focus on the things you enjoy.


Daily Money Management is a great service I provide for busy professionals, seniors/older adults, the “sandwich” generation, people with disabilities, retirees and those in life transitions, for example, death, divorce, marriage or a new job. What I do for my DMM clients is rummage through the bills and paperwork to get them organized, review bills to make sure everything is correct, make sense, set up a budget and automate to pay bills. I also act as the liaison between your financial advisor, accountant, attorney or insurance agent.

Now, this may seem simple, but imagine if your loved one has a cognitive or physical disability. How will they be able to keep up with the bills? Sure you will help them. But how much more stress is this putting on you and your family? What if you live in another city or state? Your main focus is on the health and well being of your loved one. The financial affairs are often overlooked and this is where your loved one can become a victim of fraud or exploitation. How will you know your loved one’s finances are taken care of with honesty and integrity?


What about those big transitions I mentioned above? Do you know what to do after a spouse dies or a loved one? Do you know how or where to look for information about rolling over your 401(k) or what to do with the divorce settlement or how do you combine finances after marriage? The world-wide-web is full of information. But how do you decipher the information or know what is right for you?  During some of these times, it can be really difficult and you may not be in the right mindset to make any big decisions...the right decisions.


If you would like to discuss if a Daily Money Manager is what you need, call me. Or you can also visit www.aadmm.com. This is a wonderful organization of which I am a member. You will discover that I am held to high standards and have completed an intense background check in order to offer this service.


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